Online Scratchcards

You must have come across scratch tickets sometime or the other. Together with online bingo, they are present everywhere now and known by various names like scratchie, scratch cards, scratch-its etc. Now even cell phone companies are using scratch cards for storing and selling pin codes. Be it instant lotteries, promotional offers by companies, gambling, or even online games, scratch cards have fans everywhere. Where luck was supposed to be the sole factor for winning at scratch cards, now people have started devising strategies for winning.


The phenomenon of scratch tickets dates back to early 1970′s, when scientists used computer algorithms to generate instant lottery. Astro Med Inc. received the US patent for scratch tickets in 1987. Early scratch tickets required users to match a few numbers which were the same as the winning amount. If they scratched off, and numbers matched they won the same amount. As the game started becoming popular, people were required to scratch-off and match particular images or symbols. These games also started to churn out variation of famous gambling games like poker or blackjack. If not games then they used to be linked with a common theme like NASCAR or baseball or comics. Scientific Games Corporation is the major manufacturer of scratch cards around the world. Read More “Online Scratchcards”