Real Money Casinos For Mac Computers

Online gambling has emerged as a multi billion dollar business around the world. Gambling sites are always looking to expand and they often do so by targeting anyone who is untouched by the phenomenon of online gambling. Macintosh users fall under one such segment for these sites.

When you look at people who use computers today, you will realize that you can classify them into three categories. The first group has people who use Microsoft Windows operating system, the second has those who use Apple’s Macintosh computers, and then there are those who use open source platforms. Now, 95% of the people use Windows and the remaining 5% comprises mostly of Mac users.

Apple has come back strong after the mid 90′s, when it was in a very bad state, and is growing stronger today. So, the number of people using Macs is increasing. Because of this, it has become very important for online sites to make sure that their software can be used by Mac users as well. If they do not do this, then they miss out on a significant number of people who might be interested in online gambling.


Here is a short note on the history of Mac, and why it is not supported by a lot of online gambling sites today.

Apple was bogged down by a lot of difficulties in the beginning of 90′s. During the later part, the company made resurgence with its state of the art desktops called iMacs.

Microsoft had realized the potential of online games and Apple had completely overlooked it. Windows was made in such a way as to provide the user with a nice gaming experience. Mac on the other hand was made to give a great computing experience to its customers.

It was not long before Apple realized its mistake. However, it was a bit too late, as most of the online gambling sites had made their software keeping the Windows user in mind.

This is the reason why sites that support Macs are few in number. However, after the turn of the millennium, Mac computers got a lot better and popular as well. Soon, casino sites started coming up with solutions to cater to Mac users as well. Today there may not be a lot of sites supporting Macs, but there are enough that provide a good gaming experience on a Mac.

Options for online gamblers on Macs

A few years ago, if you were sitting on your Mac looking for a good online gambling site, you would have ended up disappointed. But the situation is better now. Sites have come up with a few ways to provide Mac players with what they want. Here are a few methods that sites are using, and some others, which you can use to enjoy online gambling.

Java or Flash based sites: Usually, most of the online casinos require you to download software through which you can login and play the games offered by them. However, softwares made for Windows are not compatible with the MacOS. But in case of Flash based sites, Mac users can use the instant play option on the site to play games for real money or just for fun. This is the most common method used by sites to make their game rooms available on Macs. And all a user requires for this is a browser.

There are a few disadvantages while using Flash though. Firstly, not all the games are offered in the Flash version, as it is difficult to make all the games using the software. You will be able to play games like blackjack, poker, and roulette, but video slots and other games like that might not be available. Even though a few casinos offer all games using flash, that quality of gaming may not be very good.

Emulators: Technology always manages to come up with a solution to all your problems. It is no different this time as well. If your operating system does not allow you to play at online casinos, then you can simply install the operating system that does allow you. If you are a Mac user, then you can do this in various ways. You can either use BootCamp, Apple’s software, which allows Mac users to run Windows on their computers. If you are not satisfied with that, there are various third party softwares like VMware, which allow you to install Windows on your Mac. This can be done by creating a separate partition in your hard drive for your new operating system.

Downloadable software: A few sites decided that instead of trying to figure ways around the main problem, they should provide players with softwares that actually run on Macs as well. This was easier said than done. A lot of effort goes in to creating software for a completely different operating system. Rarely will you come across a site, which provides a downloadable Mac version of there gaming software. Since these sites are so rare, whenever you come across a casino that provides Mac compatible software, do thorough research about the credibility of the site.

It is obvious that online casinos for real money would want to tailor themselves so they can give every customer a chance. In the coming years you can expect more casinos to allow Mac users. Macs are well known for their multi media prowess and it is highly possible that once popular, Mac casino games provide players with a more enjoyable and realistic experience.